Safe Deposit Boxes


Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your valuables safe from theft or natural disaster

Woman's hands holding pearls in front of open safe deposit box
Fire in a bedroom

Bank safe deposit boxes are individual containers with locks that are kept secure within a bigger bank vault.

Safe deposit boxes are safer than home safes and protected by the banks general security elements and access is controlled by bank personnel

Your agreement will outline the rules and expectations you have for your box contents, and it will also explain FNBE’s responsibilities to you

Safe deposit boxes can be use for a variety of valuables or important documents.  Perfect for original documents with copies at home.

Safe deposit boxes are designed to withstand natural disasters such as fires, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes and are very inexpensive.

Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental

2 2X5 $25.00 $1.66 $26.66
3 3X5 $30.00 $1.99 $31.99
4 4X5 $35.00 $2.32 $37.32
5 5X5 $40.00 $2.65 $42.65
6 3X10 $45.00 $2.98 $47.98
7 5X10 $55.00 $3.64 $58.64
8 10X10 $95.00 $6.29 $101.29